Civil Work

Supported by various pavement products, laboratories and years of experience through advanced technologies, WASCO is encourage to conduct any kind of road construction and/or pavement works. Comprehensive experiences in highway, protocol, province and residential roads maintenance/construction, had brought WASCO as one of reliable road Construction Company. A strong commitment and effort in quality, health and safety as well as environment aspects for all the conducted works, had made WASCO become trusted partners of various road owners/stake holders on the same commitment, toward sustainability in all aspects.

Scope of Works

Toll Gate and Accessories
Making the toll gate, complete with accessories (Canopy, Mechanical & Electrical Toll Gate, etc.)

Stone Masonry for Drainage and Retaining Wall
Work for channels and masonry retaining wall.

Drainage (Stone Masonry, Concrete Precast – U Ditch, Reinforced Concrete Pipe)
Duct work in the form of stone masonry, precast concrete U channels, reinforced concrete pipelines.

Concrete Curb
Installation of concrete curb to curb.

Pedestrian Work
Making sidewalks for pedestrians.

Concrete Barrier for Toll Road
Manufacture and installation of concrete barrier lane highway.

Expansion Joint
Mounting joint for bridge construction.

Asphaltic Joint Filler
Installation Joint Filler for concrete pavement.

Grouting (Polyurethane, PC + Additive)
Injection repair concrete pavement base with polyurethane material or a PC (cement) + additive.