WASCO first involvement in Indonesia’s road construction was indeed in a mega project at Sukarno-Hatta Airport construction. Massive materials, equipment as well as advanced technologies were brought at the highest level to deliver customer satisfaction, i.e. an international airport ‘flagship’ in Indonesia. The maintenance of Juanda airport at Surabaya was also a milestone for WASCO in the construction/maintenance in the airport area.

Scope of Works

  1. Asphalt Work for Taxiway
  2. Asphalt work for Runway
  3. CTB for Runway

Wasco Project for Airports

Local and International Airport

  • Cengkareng Airport
  • Sepinggan Airport (Balikpapan)
  • Juanda Airport

Private Airport (Remote Area)

For remote area and a bit quantity of work, the using of cold technique is so precise than using hot mix because the cost of mobilization is more affordable.

  • Indonesia Bulk Terminal (Pulau Laut – East Kalimantan)


Indonesia Bulk Terminal (IBT) is located in Pulau Laut, East Kalimantan; this terminal is used for the temporary patch of coal from several mines in east Kalimantan before exported by tanker. As an information that most of coal mines in Kalimantan is using barge transportation through the Barito river. In this case, the large vessel (tankers) is not possible to enter the river. So the coal terminal is very support the export process.

Airstrip is used by the clients of PT. IBT with charter flights from Banjarmasin Airport for coal affairs.

Construction that used is a “ CAPE SEAL” cold technique which is the technology from Africa, derived from the words: Cape Town Seal. This construction is a combination of chip seal and slurry seal that held above. So it has a smooth surface.

  • Sinarmas Agrobisnis (Sungai Kupang – East Kalimantan)


Airstrip at PT. Sinarmas Agrobisnis is located in Sungai Kupang, South Kalimantan. Functionality and usability of this airstrip are used for the fertilizers spreading and pests spraying oil palm industry. The presence of this airstrip that suitable with all-weather condition, the process of fertilizing and spraying pests can quickly handle and there are no constraints due to the weather (rain), that is for rainy conditions the conventional airstrip (not bituminous) very slippery and dangerous.

The technology that used is: 2 layer CHIP SEAL.