Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix Asphalt results by the combination of Aggregates and Bitumen after a specific blending process at the Asphalt mixing Plant.  Hot mix asphalt are used in pavement construction for Bituminous base courses, binder courses and wearing courses.

In order to meet the rigours imposed on them by modern traffic conditions, asphalt pavement layers must:

  • Be able to resist permanent deformation
  • Be able to resist fatigue cracking
  • Be workable during laying, enabling the material to be satisfactorily compacted with the available equipment
  • Be impermeable, to protect the lower layers of the road structure from water
  • Be durable, resisting abrasion by traffic and the effects of air and water
  • Contribute to the strength of the pavement structure
  • Be easily maintained and most importantly
  • Be cost effective

In addition to the above, surface course materials must also:

  • Be skid resistant under all weather conditions
  • Generate low noise levels, and
  • Provide a surface of acceptable riding quality

Our Asphalt mixing plants

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